Inspiration through Innovation

Avian Aerospace has beenstarted with the motto of "Inspiration through Innovation" and to be at the forefront of unmanned systems technology in the world. innovation takes the center stage in our company to design & develop new products or to solve challenging industrial problems with innovative techniques. We are working on the following domains

  • Unmanned Aerial, Marine, Ground Vehicles
  • GIS, Aerial Survey
  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Industrial Training
Our Services
Our Vision
To become one of the leading companies in the areas of unmanned systems technology and to create awareness amongst students, establish technology centers in many foreign locations and become a true global leader in unmanned vehicles technology.
Our Mission
To become one of the leading players in the UAV industry and achieve complete indigenization of the technology and provide solutions to challenging industrial problems
Our Value
We hope to create innovation centric development of products, services and solutions

Why Choose Us?

  • All the vehicles are designed and fabricated by the company to suit various needs of the customers
  • Cost effective and innovative methodologies by many years of Research and Development.
  • Fully Automated post processing and analysis pertaining to industry standards.
  • Payload/Vehicles can be fully customized or designed from the scratch to suit various applications.
  • Services are fully customizable, new services can be developed to solve previously uncatered / unsolved industry problems.
  • Quick project planning, deployment, development, analysis and reporting without any compromise on quality
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